7 tips to overcome or stay out of debt

Debt. One scary word to the college eye. College tuition has tripled over the years and only continues to grow. Leaving students with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole. So loans are inevitable, right?

Not exactly.

Here are 7 ways that students can smash debt with or, hopefully, avoid taking out loans altogether.

1. Awareness

Start off by being aware of all the costs that are going to take on.

This helps with the understanding and the severity of this matter. Debt is a big deal, and not a good one.

You’re going to have to pay for books, and housing or rent, you’re gonna have to pay for food or new socks.

So first You have to recognize the enormous amount of things that you’re going to have to put your money to other than just tuition. 

2. Just Work

This is the most important thing I can say in this post. 

You have to work your freaking face off.

There is literally nothing else to say.

Get a job, have two jobs if you want. Live with your parents, side hustle, refurbish dressers, flip stuff on eBay. Whatever you feel comfortable doing. Just work

Or win the lottery👍🏻

3. Save Once you’re aware of the expenses to come. And have a little bit of money…

Start saving! It’s going to be hard to not go with your friends to the movies and spend $11. Or buy those new sneakers.

All you have to do is save and I promise that you’ll have better chances not taking out any loans. An easy way to save is to budget.

Budget everything… Small things like the food you eat, clothes you buy, gas, etc.

But also things that aren’t necessarily everyday things like car maintenance, house supplies, etc.

Lastly, budget your debt. This is a good way to figure out how much you can put aside every paycheck.

4. Meal plan/prepI heard this as a weight-loss tip, which would be great.

But… it could also be a money-saving tip How easy is it to go to McDonald’s and get a two dollar McChicken because you don’t have anything prepared at home? Super easy. But costing you money.

So plan out the meals you want; whether for a week or for a month, make a list, buy all of that stuff and take maybe 4 hours in the kitchen preparing all of the meals. Because, in the long run… It’s worth it. 5. Take High School SeriouslyIn high school, take the advanced placement courses if you can.

And most importantly, do good in all of your classes. This way, you will get better scholarships to colleges. Fill out the FAFSA with your counselor. Fill out as many scholarships as you can. They’re all there, you just have to find them.

6. Google scholarships2263 There are so many it’s crazy.

Latino scholarships or K-state scholarships, science degree scholarships. I’m going into architecturearchitecture scholarships for high school graduates.

Look everything up that applies to you so you won’t miss out on the many scholarship opportunities.<br<br<br
e Another way to save you money is to take community college classes before you go on to a university. you’ll save hundreds of dollars per course and get a good feel off the college life.

You have to be careful to only take transferable courses. Make sure to call whatever school you want to transfer to and ask if that class transfers as a certain class at that university? That way you aren’t paying for any classes that you won’t need or won’t even count.

If You Have To Take Out a Loan: Only take the bare minimum of what you need There’s no need to owe more than you will already.

So don’t take out the max you qualify for. Only take what you need. It’s easy to tell yourself you won’t spend it. But, trust me, you probably will.

Once you have any extra money. Put it towards your loan then. That way, interest doesn’t rack up and you don’t have to spend years paying it off.

Don’t wait until 6 months after the semester to start paying.

This takes a mindset and a lot of hard work. But I can do it and I know that you can too!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Comment your favorite tips.

I’ll see you next time and feel free to leave a comment or let me know what you would like me to write about in a future post.

Pursuit of…?

Hello again,

In this post, I am going to share the story of the events that lead me to my decision to become an Architect.


From the Beginning 

My story isn’t like many others I’ve read. I never had legos to play with or even built very many things as a kid. But I have always been creative, I have drawn since I was very young and knew all my life that creating was what I wanted to do.

I was a huge fan of Bob the Builder, so for awhile, I thought I wanted to work in construction. Foolishly, yet innocently, I thought that carpenters chose what they wanted to build and how they wanted to build them. I was disappointed quickly when I was informed that was not true.

So what now? I no longer want to be a carpenter, and I had no idea what architecture even was. Not for a long time. So I accepted that art was the path I wanted to go down.


When I graduated to Junior High, I took my first art class. While I loved the class, I hated the teacher. Us students had absolutely no freedom as to what we could create. Only graphite, hot-press paper, and several plants. That was it, every day we would draw a different plant.

And, while I made good grades and my drawings looked good… I hated it

Upon entering high school, the art teacher was now my middle school science teacher. Mr. Licktieg was a great teacher that pushed us to come up with and create our own work. And it was he that introduced me to the painting world, one which I would come to genuinely love.

Halfway through my high school career, I decided for sure that I didn’t want to be an artist anymore. Not a painter at least. But an architect. Through high school, we had a class that focused on the students’ careers. In this class, I realized there were better careers, more challenging careers. And I found Architecture.

Once I discovered architecture, I absolutely fell in love. I started looking at buildings differently. Other people would simply walk past a building and admire a facade; while I would look deep into the design and wondered why it looked the way it did. I wanted to be the person to decide that why.

Now that I knew the design process of a building is what I wanted to do, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Everything I looked at became a structure of some sort, and I loved the process of sketching the structure and developing it into a building that had a purpose.

I visited the Kansas State campus my senior year of high school to completely decide whether I wanted to become an engineer, or solely an architect.

I remember the interview with the architectural engineering professor. The discussion in the room made my mind up. The man said: “who wants to decide what windows a building should have?” And I thought to myself… “Well, I do!” So I was stuck on Architecture

From there on out I quadrupled down on this passion. Took my senior year seriously, enrolled in college and chose the right courses and I am super excited as to what it will bring.

I do wish that I would’ve known this is what I wanted to do sooner though because the coursework is going to be rough. I haven’t taken a single physics class. Which is something essential to architecture. Even though I made good grades and still do, I should’ve taken my high school classes even more seriously.

However… I am deeply excited about the future and what architecture will bring for me creatively and am ready to work my face off until I’m where I want to be.

Again, I thank you for reading. Your time is important and I’m grateful for it.

Please leave any comment and feel free to reach out.

Have a wonderful day!


Numero Uno

Welcome and thank you for joining me!

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now, but I had no clue how to start or what to write about. Do I write about architecture or my love for art? About books that stand out to me or what it’s like to be a student? With the many things that I am interested in spanning from instruments to fashion.

I decided to write about them all.

So, without further ado… I present:



This being my first post, I would like to tell a little bit about myself…

My name is Seth McQuery, I am currently a second-semester freshman at my local community college. Within the next two years, I will transfer to Kansas State University to study and obtain my master’s degree in Architecture.


In this blog, I am not only going to explain college life and give some helpful tips in the student world… But also about what is going on in my life and the many hobbies I have.

As a full-time student with two jobs and a lovely girlfriend, it is sad to say I have much less free time to enjoy my hobbies like I used to. Although I will try my best to keep up.

So if you’re into art, guitar, reading, music, entrepreneurship, coffee, sports, cooking, culture, or the basic essentials of life.  You’re in the right place.

I am also very open to new ideas, so if you have something that you’re interested in. I probably am too! So please reach out and share a topic you might want to read about and I will be glad to consider.

Thank you once again, I really appreciate the support. If you have questions or feedback, comment below.

Seth McQuery