Hello all, below is an essay I wrote regarding the relevancy and benefits of Daylighting, a practice with massive potential. I hope you enjoy the read and maybe learn something new. I know I did!   The solution to energy savings along with many other factors when designing a building, including health, is daylighting. Daylighting... Continue Reading →



Hello all, This a pitch for the topic of interest for my research paper in my composition two class. The ten-page essay is not due, however, for another few weeks. But when it is finished, I will surely be posting it here. Please let me know what you think about the subject or the prospectus, as... Continue Reading →

Boxed Up Joy

Hello all, This is an essay I was required to write for my Composition II class. The professor gave us the general topic of happiness and we had to choose something about the topic that was of interest to us. I hope you guys will get something from this post and maybe it can improve... Continue Reading →

7 tips to overcome or stay out of debt

Debt. One scary word to the college eye. College tuition has tripled over the years and only continues to grow. Leaving students with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole. So loans are inevitable, right? Not exactly. Here are 7 ways that students can smash debt with or, hopefully, avoid taking out loans altogether.... Continue Reading →

Pursuit of…?

Hello again, In this post, I am going to share the story of the events that lead me to my decision to become an Architect. From the Beginning  My story isn't like many others I've read. I never had legos to play with or even built very many things as a kid. But I have... Continue Reading →

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